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The Web Tech Group is an end-to-end web incubator-accelerator. Comprised of three core hubs combined to produce one awesome company – research and development; design and branding; and marketing and expansion, Web Tech aims to be a thriving international stage in which ideas and dreams are brought to life, perfected and unleashed into the global scene for the enhancement, enjoyment and benefit of humankind in every sphere of culture and society.

As well as developing websites, interfaces, platforms and strategies for clients through Cloud9, Web Tech develops its own exciting in-house developed apps, platforms and software through Cova that aim to shift culture and online experience into a whole new realm.

Web Tech is an ecosystem.



The Web Tech brand is comprised of three core subsidiaries working in concert: Cloud Nine is our web design and branding arm, through which we develop beautiful, cutting edge websites and exciting brand styles and appropriations. Innovations in the website field are one of our main priorities, and we are constantly at work to maintain a service that is ahead of the game, offering products and additions that no-one else is and leading the way.

Web Tech Marketing is our marketing arm. We employ the skills and experiences of people at the top of their games. Our branding and marketing strategies are exciting, creative and efficient. See our portfolio on the Cloud9 website, or current developments in the Cova website for more info…

COVA is our Research and Development wing. Specialising in the back-end of applications and web platforms, as well as web software innovations, COVA works in tandem with Cloud9 and our marketing arm to produce creations that are cutting edge, fun, exciting and beneficial to the user – pure art.